Rules & Important Stuff

Point Horse: For members, pick one horse that you want to earn year end points on. Horse can change at each race. If you do not designate a point horse, the first horse you run will be considered your point horse.

Nominate: For everyone, this makes you eligible for day awards at each race. You can nominate as many horses as you run for day awards. $10 for first horse, $5 for every horse after that. If you nominate, the $5 arena fee is waived. You can nominate in the youth and open.

Other Fees: $10.00 fee will be accessed for any draw outs, horse changes, draw number changes, or section changes.

Draw-outs with the $10.00 fee will be allowed until 12:00pm the day before the race; after 12:00 pm no refunds will be given. There is never a late fee to enter BRAT. If you are not sure you can make the race you can enter the day of the race. Draw outs can be done online at only. No text, FB messenger or call draw outs. Money will be refunded to your card.

There will also be a $10 fee for going over 60 seconds in exhibitions, fee must be paid before your run.


1. Failure to answer 3 gate calls in 60 seconds will result in an Official scratch, no excuses.
2. Once a contestant has entered the alleyway, if they do not start their run in 60 seconds they will be disqualified.
3. A down barrel, broke pattern or intentionally pulling up will result in a no time.
4. All reruns will be at the decision of BRAT directors. Any rerun will be on a fresh drag. All decisions of BRAT directors are FINAL.
5. Any penalties incurred during the original run will be applied to the rerun. A horse falling during a run will not receive a rerun.
Any ties for day awards will be handled by a roll of the dice between contestants tied. High number wins. Should all contestants involved in the tie not be present, the ones present will participate and a BRAT director will roll for the one(s) not present.
6. Any ties in year end points will be broken first by the number of races attended. If that number is the same then it will be determined by the number of first place points received.
7. A negative coggins is required on all horses brought into the facility as well as health papers within 30 days for horses outside of Texas. Please be prepared to show if asked.
8. No Late fees, pre-enter by mail or on Enter up until the last drag at the at the race with no late fee.

We appreciate your understanding – Thanks – BRAT Staff